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Moving Sheena's Spirit Forward

Sheena Blair DUI - Moving Sheena's Spirit Forward

Home safe bar program Aug 25th

We went out again last night with Sargent Thompson Puyallup Police Department and a couple officers to visit bars on 6th Ave as well as Pacific Ave. 6th Ave wasn’t as busy as usual but we managed to actually go INTO the bars and this time Carol and I walked around to the tables and talked to some of the patrons. We showed them Sheena’s picture and told them who we were and that we hope they would be safe and not drive impaired. Almost everyone we talked to had been touched by DUI death. A LOT of tables had a designated driver. We shook their hands and thanked them profusely.

Pacific Avenue has a couple bars that were VERY busy. We went to one bar that had just had one of their satisfied customers arrested for DUI. We happened to be at the mobile impaired driver unit when the officer arrived with the handcuffed customer. The officer said that the guy had a tail light out and was weaving that his driving was terrible. When we went to the bar it was packed with young people. I remarked to Sargent Thompson that the bar was FULL of Sheenas. Pretty, young ladies having fun. THAT’S OK. As long as they don’t drive. All in all it was a fairly quiet night at least for US. But because it was a bit quieter, we could spend more time with the folks we want to reach. We hope we did.

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