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Sheena Blair DUI - Moving Sheena's Spirit Forward

DUI Working Group

I am going to Roger Goodman’s (D-45) Impaired Driving Working group tomorrow morning to hammer out some new and tweak some existing DUI legislation. I have been attending these meetings for a couple years now. LOTS of stakeholders from judges, prosecutors, Law Enforcement, defense lawyers, treatment experts, state crime lab, interlock device companies, Traffic Safety Commission, legislators and some times victim family members of those killed by this atrocity.

A couple folks who were at our summit a couple weeks ago will be there. A couple items that were discussed that day are on the agenda. AND I am taking my dear friend Stacy Emerson with me so she can see how sometimes people can work TOGETHER to do good things that help people. I can remember trying to work with neighborhood groups or Dem Party to do things. It can be frustrating to the point of throwing up your hands (OR your lunch)  and just saying to HELL with it. Well I WON’T say to hell with it, I’ll just start working with serious adults.

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