Sheena Blair DUI

Moving Sheena's Spirit Forward

Sheena Blair DUI - Moving Sheena's Spirit Forward

It’s Just a Little Tree


It’s just a little tree.

I transplanted it from our daycare. It was a gift from a dear parent who gave it to us after Sheena was killed by a drunk driver. When we left the business, we made arrangements for another dear friend to bring it to us when it would stand the best chance of surviving the move, she brought it over last night.

It is hard to dig a hole when your eyes are full of tears. I didn’t expect this reaction. I was just planting a little tree, but it is Sheena’s little tree. It brought it all back. Especially how much I miss her and that our life will never be the same.

I dug the hole in silence, except for the sniffing sound  I was making and the shovel doing it’s work. After the hole was big enough, I saged the site, paying special attention to tribute to Natosi (the Sun) and our Mother, the earth. I cleansed myself, the little tree and the place where I was asking Mother Earth to hold it’s roots tight and nurture it with her bosom. I then made an offering and returned the little tree to the earth. After making tribute and respect to the four quarters of the world, I said a final prayer and walked away. Natosi warmed us with his warmth and bright light with blue skies overhead. Now that the little tree is in it’s place, I see that Thunder Being seems to be sending clouds from the west to provide rain to water and nourish Sheena’s little tree.

Next time you are out celebrating life with your alcohol, and you are reaching for your keys, please remember this story and Sheena’s little tree and just…..don’t do it.

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