Sheena Blair DUI

Moving Sheena's Spirit Forward

Sheena Blair DUI - Moving Sheena's Spirit Forward


I did an impact panel tonight. At the conclusion the participants are asked to fill out evaluation forms about the speakers. I usually wait by the door to take the forms and shake hands with them. Most times they thank us and hug us. Tonight as I was standing by the door, a big guy, obviously a Pacific Islander, Hawaiian by the look of his tatts and brown skin motioned me into the hallway. I went out there with him and he looked both ways to make sure we were alone. He told me he was born and raised in Hawaii in a very traditional way. The small town where he lived, the name escapes me, and his family practiced old traditional ways including learning hakas. He told me of maha, a kind of vision or ability to see auras or spirits of those who are no longer with us. He said that as I spoke of Sheena he could see a VERY strong maha of her moving around the room and especially when I spoke of her as a little girl. He said that he saw her stand behind me and she put her hands on my shoulders as if to give me the strength to get the words out. He said that her presence was SO strong, SO present and the strongest presence he has ever felt that it made the hair on his arms and the back of his neck stand straight up and sent chills up his back. I told him I DID notice him squirming and rubbing his arms I thought he was cold. ” NO Brudda” he said. She was there as plain and clear as if she was actually standing right there.

I admit that I DO feel her with me when I do these things but I thought it was just me. When I leave to do impact panels I put her poster up front with me and I say out loud., ” Let’s go get em Sweety”. I KNOW she’s there and I’m really glad someone else noticed her too.

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