Sheena Blair DUI

Moving Sheena's Spirit Forward

Sheena Blair DUI - Moving Sheena's Spirit Forward

Thursday, a day in the life of anti-DUI activists

I didn’t want to write about our Thursday until I had it all confirmed. At 9:00 Am we will meet with Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor and two other officials from the Sheriff’s office, an official from the Washington traffic Safety Commission and a couple folks from Tacoma Trauma trust to consider the formation of a foundation to pay for cab rides for people who find themselves impaired at a bar. This is an idea Carol have had for quite some time, but without the credibility of people and entities to help us move this idea forward, it has remained a dream. We hope to find a way to move forward on this idea.

After the meeting we will leave for Everett to meet with and thank the firefighter who was with Sheena that….night. He stayed with her as his colleagues cut Sheena from the wreckage of her car. Apparently, he called his wife after leaving the scene VERY upset by the wreck and despite his best efforts, Sheena passed. He STILL is affected by the scene that night. It is VERY unusual for people they save to ever thank them for their efforts. It is unheard of for someone whose family member passes to ever say ANYthing to them much less thank them. This dedicated professional was where I wish I was that night. It’s the LEAST we can do. It’s too bad what we are going to do is so unusual.

We confirmed all this as we found a lot of Sheena’s stuff in Amy’s closet and had our hearts broken yet again. Our goal in all we do is to prevent others from having days like this. We hope to make more progress on this goal Thursday.